Examination & Preventive Services

Diagnostic Services
__4869528Oral check-up provides a thorough oral examination and consultation session to help you understand your dental health condition. We are equipped with modern X-ray equipment to provide you a one-stop and quick procedure for examination and diagnosis. Treatment planning gives you an informed consent of the comprehensive treatment plan schedule before the treatment actually commences..Preventive Services
Many major dental treatments may be avoided if preventive care had been taken. By preventive care, we mean a visit to the dentist every six months for a dental check-up and general scaling & polishing. Other preventive services such as topical fluoride, fissure sealant treatments will also help to ensure a good oral hygiene and long-lasting set of teeth. Regular visits to your family dentist cleans away accumulated dental plaque, allows conditions to be treated early and you get advice on how to maintain good oral health.

Scaling & Polishing

Scaling is also known as Prophylaxis. It removes accumulated dental plaque and tartar that is not removable by daily tooth-brushing. It is a preventive dental service that should be under-taken every six months to maintain healthy gums and pearly white teeth.