Dental Plans

We understand that a good dental plan may not come affordable for many people, but the importance of a good dental hygiene routine will help you save loads in many years to come. That is why we have come up Dental Plans to make your dental hygiene routine more affordable and manageable.

Alpha Card Benefits

The Alpha Card presents a savings plan for you and your family’s Intermediate Dental Needs. Currently, there is additional discount and bonus once you top-up your Alpha card:


Top Up Amount (RMB)




Additional bonus

10,000 9折/10% 2张免费洁牙券

2 free cleaning voucher

30,000 8.5折/15% 1张家庭美白券(含2支美白剂)

1 free home whitening voucher

(2 whitening gel)

60,000 8折/20% 1张诊所美白券

1 free clinic whitening voucher

100,000 7.5折/25% 1颗进口牙冠

1 free crown

200,000 7折/30% 一颗种植牙


1 free implant

(no bone/gum material, sinus lift surgery)

Terms & Conditions:

  • Family and friends can share one card, Alpha card must be presented for payment.
  • Valid for 3 years.
  • May not be used in conjunction with other promotions
  • Promotion is valid from 01 Apr 2019 to 31 Dec 2019.
  • Alpha Dental Clinic reserves the final rights to the use of the Alpha Card

For more information, read here.