MRC Day Invitation

Posted on October 27, 2017 in Dental Education

Alpha Dental welcomes you to join MRC Day!


Most people believe that children’s teeth should only be corrected after their new set of teeth have completely grown out. However, this is not true at all. Originating from Australia, Myobrace is a treatment prioritise prevention as opposed to remedy, and is widely acknowledged globally. In view of this, we are organising a MRC Day and is now extending the invite you to join us to clear your doubts!

Event Details

Date: 4 Nov 2017 (2 – 4pm)

Venue: No.2293 Hong Qiao Road, Block 1 2nd Floor, Chang Ning District


*Free Professional Orthodontics Consultation worth RMB 2500

*Special MRC price of RMB 6888/stage


* 升级使用其他矫正器需额外付费

* 不适用于保险理赔、不与其他优惠同时使用

* 康怡口腔对本优惠保持最终解释权


名额 Maximum Attendees: 15人 pax  

To sign up: Scan the QR code above to register via Wechat.
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