MRC-The best gift for your child

Posted on October 27, 2017 in Dental Education

Originally from Australia, Myobrace (MRC) has become the premier solution for correcting children’s upper and lower jaw development problems. Not only it is cost-effective, it also has lifetime benefits for your child!

Correction Principle

The principle of MRC correction lies in pre-emptively correcting the root of the problem. Through consultation and treatment of abnormal muscle functions before straightening out the teeth, MRC can help to restore the tongue, maxilla and muscles back to its original position and function. After correcting and straightening, it will help the client to redevelop correct oral habits.

Prevention as opposed to remedy

We often believe that children’s teeth should only be corrected after their new set of teeth have completely grown out. However, procrastination may lead to various issues such as teeth crowding and facial dysplasia. These would only lead to more problems in the future and complicate the treatment process. Braces can only correct the arrangement of teeth, but it cannot correct bad oral habits.

A child’s maxillofacial development is complete around 60% at the age of 4, 70% at the age of 7, and 90% at the age of 12. This means that the maxillofacial development for children is almost complete at the age of 12. Hence, MRC correction lies in early prevention – by using the child’s own development to correct their oral habits and teeth formation.

What are the benefits of MRC?

  1. Correction of abnormal muscle soft tissue and function: Training the tongue to rest in the right position as well as the right way to swallow
  2. Correction of bad oral habits: MRC can prevent bad habits such as sticking out of tongue, biting the lips and biting fingers.
  3. Promote normal teeth development: Normal breathing methods, correct swallowing techniques, normal maxillofacial development as well as MRC’s dental arch all come together to give your child a normal set of teeth.

Cleaning and duration of wear

You can clean it with a cup of clean water and then wipe it off. One should wear it daily for 1-2 hours when awake, and throughout the night when asleep. Wearing MRC will not affect one’s daily life, as he/she can still continue on with daily activities such as working or reading a book.

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