How to develop your baby’s teeth brushing habits

Posted on May 31, 2016 in Dental Articles, Dental Education, Essay writing

47364418-lgTeeth brushing training is a gradual process.

Rinse mouth on his/her own at 1 year-old

Parents can use a finger brush glove to help clean the teeth of babies up to 2 years old. At 1 year old, parents can teach them to rinse their mouth on their own, so that the child can get used to water entering the mouth without swallowing.

Kids toothpaste and toothbrush

Children usually find more excitement when they just start to learn to brush their teeth. Parents should take this chance to build on their children’s excitement to maintain interest. There are variety of fruit taste toothpaste for children available and choose a children toothbrush with a soft brush head and anice shape to raise their interests.

Teach baby to brush teeth at 2 years-old

All the milk teeth would have grown out when the children reach two and half years old. Their parents should hand-hold the baby and patiently allow them to master the basic movements of tooth brushing, and develop the habit of brushing teeth everyday.

Teeth brushing experimentgame

Children like to experiment, parents can buy a plaque disclosing agent from your dental clinic or nearby pharmacy and do teeth cleaning experiment. Plaque disclosing agent is non-toxic and edible. Parents can rub the child’s teeth with cotton swab soaked with plaque disclosing agent and observe the colour change. Children will be surprised to discover that agent will make an unclean area red color. In this way, parents can check whether the child’s teeth are clean and remind the child’s teeth brushing interest.

Regular brushing time for the family

Choose a family time at night or during the weekend to lead the children to brush their teeth. Let the child feel that brushing is not a special request of him, but a good habit that everybody does.