Lingual Braces – Conceals your Teeth Straightening Process

Posted on March 6, 2012 in Dental Articles

It is everyone’s dream to have the perfect smile with well-aligned teeth, especially when you were not born with them. The process of teeth straightening is that of a dilemma for many – to show or not to show, the braces. The fact that braces affect the appearance and hence one’s self esteem is often than not, not always the only factor. The braces may also affect your professional work image, your speech, our diet and lifestyle. Advances in modern orthodontic techniques have considered all of these and presented a new solution – lingual braces, which has proved to be very popular too.The key difference of lingual braces from that of the conventional braces is that the brace appliance are attached onto the ‘lingual’ side or the inside of the teeth rather than the outside, which effectively conceals the braces from outside view. No one would even know that you are on braces, or on a journey to getting that perfect smile. The unique advantages of lingual braces are:

  1. it gives you a sense of privacy – only you knows the secret – no one else does,
  2. Braces are cemented on the inside of your teeth, thus eliminating possible to your outer teeth,
  3. Advanced computerised techniques to ensure that the placement of the brackets are accurate and lasting,
  4. Achieves alignment of teeth and jaw and my also correct facial irregularities,
  5. You need not cover nor close your mouth when you attend social events,
  6. An ideal treatment option of professions where image / speech is imperative – diplomats, senior managers, reporters, artistes etc.

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