Self-locking Braces

Posted on March 3, 2013 in Dental Articles

图片Self-locking braces is a revolutionary change to the conventional fixed orthodontic technology. It makes the orthodontic, or teeth straightening treatment, more convenient and comfortable. In self-locking braces are so-called as it has its own ‘door’ to lock the orthodontic wire in place, hence eliminating the use of ligature wire or rubber band to lock the orthodontic wire movement.Self-locking braces technology has the following advantages compared with conventional fixed orthodontic technology:

  1. Shorter treatment time. There is less friction in the brackets and wire, and hence teeth move faster.
  2. No extraction of teeth. With conventional braces, orthodontists are often forced to pull teeth in order to create space for crowded teeth. Self-locking braces uses biologically sensible forces which work with the body’s natural adaptive processes to create space naturally.  In the few cases which still require extraction, space is made to improve facial balance and symmetry to provide a natural smile and profile that will last as you age.
  3. Extend the time interval between orthodontic visits. The conventional fixed orthodontic adjustment is every 4-6 weeks, whereas self-locking braces clients may return every 8-10 weeks, to allow the arch wire have plenty of time to move the teeth. Hence children may have more time for learning and entertainment.
  4. Gentle and comfortable. The orthodontic system exerts gentle and soft forces when moving the teeth, and relieves discomfort for the client. The brackets are also smaller than conventional brackets.